XRA Receives Image Gently Certification

Published 08/10/2015

XRA Medical Imaging has received Image Gently certification in pediatric radiology.

Image Gently is a worldwide alliance of radiological societies working to provide safe, high quality imaging to pediatric patients.  Their goal is to raise awareness in the imaging community that doses need to be adjusted for children receiving tests that emit radiation.

Many facilities providing imaging do not use techniques to limit the dose of radiation exposure when imaging pediatric patients.  Parents should ask the imaging provider upon scheduling an appointment if the test their child is receiving emits radiation and if they utilize radiation dose reduction or are Image Gently certified.  If not, ask the child's physician if there are alternative facilities that are Image Gently certified or if there are alternative tests that can provide the same diagnostic information without radiation exposure.

The Alliance consists of such organizations as the American College of Radiology, The Society for Pediatric Radiology, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, and the American Board of Radiology.  Find out more at www.imagegently.org