XRA Medical Imaging's MRI Services

XRA Medical Imaging is accredited by the American College of Radiology to perform MRI services in Rhode Island.  Find information regarding our MRI service below, and our office locations where an MRI can be performed.



About Our High-Field MRI

The largest room in any High-Field MRI - More headroom, elbowroom and legroom, up to one foot of spacious room above the head.




Perfect for those who are Claustrophobic - 60% of exams can be done with the patient's head outside of the machine.





Less time - 1.5 T Speed so you spend less time on the table.







MRI Questions & Answers

  • What is an MRI?
  • What does an MRI show?
  • How is an MRI performed?
  • What should I expect?
  • Is an MRI safe?
  • What if I have a metal device in my body?
  • What if I am claustrophobic?
  • Which XRA locations offer MRI services?